The Cambridge Companion to Women in Music since 1900, edited by Laura Hamer

Laura Hamer has edited this excellent new volume looking at women in music in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It brings together the work and voices of both academic researchers active in the field of Women in Music Studies and female music practitioners, in a volume that provides a high quality, accessible overview of women’s work in music since 1900.

The volume considers the breadth of women’s musical participation and experience across a wide range of musical genres, including the classical tradition, women in popular music, women and music technology, women in music education and women in the music industries. The book considers the gendered nature of the musical profession and discusses a wide range of musicians including Elizabeth Maconchy, Olga Neuwirth, Kaija Saariaho,  Sinéad O’Connor, Billie Holiday, Delia Derbyshire, The Supremes.

‘In Her Own Words’ contributions from practitioners bring topics intensely to life and additional advice for further reading open up potential new areas of enquiry for readers.

The contributors are Laura Hamer, Sophie Fuller, Rhiannon Mathias, Elaine Kelly, Astrid Kvalbein, Francesca Placanica, Elizabeth Hoffman, Tammy L. Kernodle, Jacqueline Warwick, Katherine Williams, Michael Brocken, Kristin J. Lieb, Virginia Kettle, Louis Niebur, Margaret Schedel, Flannery Cunningham, Manuella Blackburn, Robert Legg, Clare K. Duffin, Steph Power, and Victoria Armstrong.

Many thanks to Laura Hamer for the information included here.