Paula Wolfe Album and Book Launch London July 1st - with Lucy O'Brien

A joint launch of the album and the book!

Paula’s live set of the album will be followed by an In Conversation with MOJO critic and author: Lucy O’Brien.

Why did reviewers of Bjork’s 2006 Vulnicura album give full credit to her male co-producer, and ignore her efforts – even though she was boss in the studio?

Why is the studio now a woman’s room of one’s own?

I’ll be talking about this and more, with singer/composer PAULA WOLFE next Monday 1 July @The Harrison. She's playing live at the launch of her new album White Dots and book, Women in the Studio.

Come and join us for music and conversation!

The Single

'Georgia Blue' is the first single from Paula Wolfe's forthcoming third album White Dots (* * * * MOJO): 

In early January 2010, Paula travelled by train from her studio in Norfolk to interview Isabella Summers from Florence and The Machine at Dean Street Studios, Soho for what was then PhD research, now a book: Women in The Studio, Creativity, Control and Gender in Popular Music Production (Routledge) on music production and gender, due for publication June 27. The train back that evening was delayed because the scheduled driver didn’t show up for his shift. Whilst the others passengers expressed their outrage, Paula started to imagine what might have caused the driver’s failure to turn up.