Music week Women in Music Roll of Honour 2020

Music Week has announced the Music Week Women in Music Roll of Honour 2020 with some outstanding women working right across all sectors. Women in Music extends hearty congratulations to all those included.

It is heartening to see how #womeninmusic has become a generic and mainstream term/reality after all our struggles, successes and joys over the years. Women in Music our organisation was founded in 1987 and at that time this roll of honour would have been unheard of! Chair Debbie Golt recalls how hard it was to persuade women in leading roles in the music biz to agree to be panelists or even attend a panel she co-coordinated and moderated at In The City, the industry's flagship event, in 1992. Our work is by no means done, however these awards are a giant leap. Congratulations to all.

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