Women in Music Survey of BBC Proms 2016 - how are women composers doing this time around

Sending out a few posts at once today as there is a lot to share ....

Every year Women in Music surveys the BBC Proms in London to see how well - or not as is often the case - women composers, conductors and lead players represented and included. You can see this year's ratings on the Women in Music website at this link:


These statistics are respected as a vital resource by many people including journalists and leading publications. We have contacted programmers from time to time to make our views known on how vital it is to include many more women. It remains a mystery how BBC Radio 3 can have a wonderful array of composers on International Women's Day and a major resource list of same on their website and still the Prom programmers in their name appear to have difficulty including significant numbers in the proms. Anyway this year shows improvements in some areas - it can't be hard! For example there are 5 instead of 2 women conductors ... And not in others. Still a long long way to go.!

You are welcome to quote the stats however we ask that you always quote the source of course.

You can access the full BBC Proms programme  HERE