Women in Music BBC Proms Survey 2017

For some years Women in Music (UK) has been doing a survey of the numbers of women represented in the BBC PROMS season. The Proms is the largest classical music festival in the world.

You can read this year's survey results here.


NOTE: Anyone is welcome to quote these statistics, but please mention the source. The figures for past Proms seasons are also available on the Women in Music (UK) website: http://www.womeninmusic.org.uk/

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I am very much in support of this blog highlighting the involvement of women in the Proms, but surely these figures are not correct as the BBC have listed 17 BBC commission world premieres in this 2017 proms season and 7 of them are by females, if I am not mistaken. This would make it: 7/17 41.1% instead of 4/13 30.8%. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/pro... Thanks.
I don't know where you got a list of 17 BBC Commission world premieres from? I did miss one - there are actually 14 not 13 listed in the Index of Works at the back of the Proms booklet. But 17?? 4 of them are by women. (making 28%, less than in my report) HOWEVER I find on a separate page in the Proms Booklet (page 71) that they have listed Kerry Andrew as also having a BBC Commission. This is puzzling as there is no listing of it in the Index, and there is no mention of her work in the listing of the concert itself (page 123). I can't be expected to count someone who is not listed in the Index or the concert itself!! You would have to ask the BBC why they don't list it, if in fact it exists. (One possibility would be that the work was not completed in time or something?) (Incidentally, there are two composers with that name - Kerry Andrew - in UK. One a woman and one a man. Which makes things awkward for people like me trying to make lists!)
Indeed the 7 new BBC Proms commissions for women this year were: (In the order given on the BBC New Music Website link above) Grace-Evangeline Mason, Kerry Andrew, Judith Weir, Cheryl Francis-Hoad, Hannah Kendall, Catherine Lamb, Lotta Wennäkoski. This can only be a great thing! :)