Voices of the Revolution all women musician tour led by Errollyn Wallen kicks off

THis will be wonderful - it starts off at Shambala Festival (sold out) but fear not it tours widely including London, Hull, Festival 6 and will be well documented, It's In Place of War's brilliant and timely all women Voices of the Revolution tour led by Women in Music's own Errollyn Wallen MBE - leading composer and animator of marvellous things


So proud of Errollyn and In Place of War for collaborating on this! Many of the musicians are in UK for the first time invited by IPOW from places of conflict to collaborate with UK based women of similar backgrounds. Both known and bubbling up artists are involved:

"Through the project and the music produced we aim to provide a platform for female artists in places of conflict to tell their stories, share their cultures and take part in a life-changing experience."  Ruth Daniel co-direcotr In Place of War