tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:/posts Women in Music UK Blog 2018-06-21T11:27:16Z WiM tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1295892 2018-06-21T11:27:16Z 2018-06-21T11:27:16Z London New Wind Festival call out extended to August 7th

London New Wind Festival call out for pieces - dateline extended to August 7th! Follow the link below to see how to apply . 

Women composers are always highly valued by LNWF

The Director is Catherine Plugyers who is a longstanding member of Women in Music and a fabulous musician whether playing classical or improv .

Taken from the website this is an idea of the London New Wind Festival 

"The festival is slowly growing in its scope to reflect the wide interests of its director Catherine Pluygers.  For the last two years it has added improvisation concerts to the main core of classical contemporary concerts for wind chamber ensembles.  Other areas covered by the festival are ‘new music for wind symphony orchestras’, brass ensembles and ‘new music by women composers.’  At all times the main objective has been to encourage and promote new works written for these wind groups and to that end the festival has worked closely with the main music information centres as well as Society for the Promotion of New Music and each year has had a ‘Call for New Pieces’ which provides about thirty new scores chosen from the one hundred or so that are submitted.

Performers for the festival are provided by a core of professional musicians each with a great deal of experience in the field and a genuine enthusiasm and commitment to new music. "


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1292747 2018-06-10T22:46:01Z 2018-06-10T22:46:02Z BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra celebrates Thea Musgrave's 90th birthday

The BBC SSO is giving a concert in celebration of Scottish composer Thea Musgrave, on Friday the 15th June at City Halls, Glasgow at 7.30 pm.

There are more details here:


and more celebrations of her music throughout the year can be found here:



tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1292745 2018-06-10T22:29:57Z 2018-06-10T22:29:57Z Women in Music BBC Proms Survey 2018 shows a significant improvement on previous Proms seasons

For some years Women in Music (UK) has been doing a survey of the numbers of women represented in the BBC PROMS season.  The Proms is the largest classical music festival in the world. This year there are 57 main evening orchestral concerts, as well as chamber music concerts, daytime events and late-night concerts. The audiences in the Royal Albert Hall are of many thousands, and all the concerts are broadcast, many on television.

This year the Proms Director, David Pickard, has publicly proclaimed that he intends to redress the balance between men and women. As far as composers are concerned he says his aim is to increase the number of BBC commissions to women until half of new commissions for the Proms season are for  women by the year 2022.

The figures for women in the 2018 BBC Proms season are:

Composers:                   19/133  (14%)               [Last year was 9/120]

Living composers:         17/43    (40%)               [Last year was 8/36]

BBC Commissions:       12/19    (63%)               [Last year was 4/13]

Conductors:                  4/58      (7%)                 [Last year was 7/57]

This year I have made a new category for the number of living composers whose works are substantial (more than 15 mins) and are featured in main evening concerts. This is because many of the new commissions this year are for short pieces in chamber concerts or “family” concerts.

Substantial works by living composers: 5/14 (36%)

The women composers are: Kerry Andrew, Lili Boulanger, Tansy Davies, Bushra El-Turk, Suzanne Farrin, lisa Illean, Hannah Kendall, Anna Meredith, Isobel Mundry, Thea Musgrave, Laura Mvula, Olga Neuwirth, Roxanna Panufnik, Eve Risser, Nina Senk, Caroline Shaw, Ethel Smyth, Jessica Wells, Agata Zubel

The conductors are: Marin Alsop; Karina Canellakis; Sian Edwards; Jane Glover.

To analyse the results:  These figures are substantially better than they have ever been. The previous best for composers was in 2015 when there were 12 female composers in the Proms season. The number of female conductors is down from last year, but that was an all-time high. Last year when I looked at the duration of the works by living composers I found that only one woman composer had a substantial work (15 mins or over), and that was not in a main evening concert at the Royal Albert Hall. That was compared to 17 substantial works by male composers in the main evening concerts. To have 5 substantial works by women this year is unprecedented.

It does seem that there is a marked improvement regarding the proportion of women composers in the 2018 BBC Proms season, with promise of this continuing.  I take it that this is, in part, a response to the publicity generated by Women in Music (my survey started in the 1980s) and taken up by other music journalists and publicists. Result!

I have never implied that the BBC Proms season is any worse than any other substantial classical music season or festival – only that it is representative. I will now have to think whether to continue the Proms survey, or maybe switch attention to other seasons elsewhere.

                                                                                                Jenny Fowler

NOTE: Anyone is welcome to quote these statistics, but please mention the source. The figures for past Proms seasons are also available on the Women in Music (UK) website: www.womeninmusic.org.uk

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1258243 2018-03-07T21:00:43Z 2018-03-07T21:00:44Z Louise Farrenc at the Barbican on 8 March

Louise Farrenc's Symphony No 3, is performed by the Insula Orchestra conducted by Laurence Equilbey at the Barbican on 8 March at 7.30 pm

Jessica Duchen's conversation with Equilbey can be found on her blog


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1258236 2018-03-07T20:36:20Z 2018-03-07T20:36:20Z Illuminate shines a light on women composers on International Women's Day 8 March

Illuminate, set up by composer Angela Slater, promotes the work of women composers and performers.  Their 2018 concert series starts on International Women's Day with a concert at Goldsmiths in London at 6 pm.

There is more information about this and their tour dates and venues here:


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1258234 2018-03-07T20:25:23Z 2018-03-07T20:25:24Z Forgotten Female Composers - Shirley Thompson champions composer Florence Price on BBC Woman's Hour


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1258233 2018-03-07T20:22:38Z 2018-03-09T09:13:27Z Shirley Thompson's Dido Belle to be performed by Kenya's IWD Orchestra on 8 March

'Much looking forward to Kenya's IWD Orchestra performing music from my opera, Dido Belle, from my Heroines of Opera series for International Women's Day at the Kenya National Theatre, 8 March, 7pm. Dear Friends in Kenya - please spread the word and attend the gig if you can'

Shirley Thompson

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1255161 2018-03-02T13:25:54Z 2018-03-02T13:25:54Z PRS Key Change - 60 participants and 45 venues agreeing to 50 50 programming!

Key Change is a major initiative by PRS Foundation which looks to make major changes in how Festivals and venues programme with an assurance from 45 YES! 45! Festivals and venues to programme 50/50 male and female artists in the next 4 years - by 2022.

Congratulations from Women in Music  - something we have been advocating for a long time!

"Keychange is an exciting new European project which celebrates and invests in the talent of female music creators and innovators who will be driving the future success of the music industry.

Through keychange showcases and collaborations, a programme of creative labs and a digital platform will give a new network of 60 women the chance to extend their reach to audiences across Europe and connect with the pioneering work of leaders from tech, design, music, audiovisual and other sectors which are shaping creative industries development. Our mission is to accelerate the industry’s recognition of women’s potential artistic and economic value so that we can transform the music industry for current and future generations.

30 emerging female artists & 30 innovators/industry professionals (10 participants per country) will be selected to take part in Keychange and travel to leading music festivals across Europe and in Canada."

See the website for more information about participants and partners: Key Change

Our favourite blogger (and author and critic and more ) Jessica Duchen featured this in a recent JDMB post. Jessica always champions women in music. 

These posts also trigger @WomeninMusicUK twitter posts - do follow us and we will follow you back 

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1255152 2018-03-02T13:13:43Z 2018-03-02T13:13:43Z Celebrating Women in Sound at Goldsmiths on International Women's Day March 8th

Celebrating women in sound is a remarkable event at Goldsmiths - University on International Women's Day itself March 8th. Follow the link to find out more : Goldsmiths events

A highlight is an opportunity to have a guided tour of the WRPM archive!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, as part of "Celebrating Women in Sound", Special Collections provide tours of the "Women’s Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM)" archive.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, in the centenary year of UK women aged 30 and over in the UK gaining the vote, the Unit for Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths, University of London and Women in Sound Women on Sound (WISWOS) and are launching Celebrating Women in Sound, a day of sound-related activities featuring the work of female-identifying artists at Goldsmiths. The purpose of International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women; perhaps more importantly, the day is a call to action to change the shape of society and to push for gender parity in all areas.

Activity #3: Between 1.30-2.30pm and again between 3.30-4.30pm: Tours of the WRPM (Women's Revolutions Per Minute) Archive.
Women’s Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM) was an independent, feminist music distribution network active 1977-2005. It distributed music by women, for women, and about women, typically from artists with a feminist or lesbian feminist standpoint. It distributed music by women, for women, and about women, typically from artists with a feminist or lesbian feminist standpoint. 

There are over 1500 music items and a great many related items. There will be discussions and sonic experiences as well.

See also our Whats On pages in www.womeninmusic.org,uk 

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1255148 2018-03-02T13:05:40Z 2018-03-02T13:06:15Z Arab Women Artists Now March 2018 London

Arab Women Artists Now is a wonderful Festival in  London which showcases and highlights Arab Women in the arts across all disciplines. Music is a major part of the season with some premieres and some favourites. Have a look at the programme and see what interests you. Yuma is especially recommended. 

Ÿuma perform their original mashups of oriental and western songs.

Appearing on the music scene on December 20, 2015, Ÿuma became known on the web for their original mashups of oriental and western songs. They create bridges between the cultures of both shores of the Mediterranean, and their unique brand of indie folk places them at the forefront of Tunisian alternative music today. ....

Awan is produced by Arts Canteen

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1241251 2018-02-01T11:21:17Z 2018-02-01T11:21:17Z "A good time to celebrate women"

Blossom Street chamber choir are hoping to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the vote by releasing a CD of choral music by women composers, performed by women.

You can help them raise funds for this project here


And there is more information about the project here


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1227597 2018-01-06T22:31:38Z 2018-01-06T22:31:38Z Gender, Subjectivity, and Cultural Work: The Classical Music Profession By Christina Scharff

A new book examining what it is like to work in the classical music industry today, looking into inequality with regard to gender, race and class.  A must have book for every music library.  It is rather expensive but there is an ebook option.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1227596 2018-01-06T22:21:36Z 2018-01-06T22:21:36Z Jessica Duchen on the RPO and sexual misconduct in the classical music world

A very measured post on the importance of trust and being seen to do the right thing in a difficult situation.  And why the culture which tolerates sexual misconduct needs to change.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1226434 2018-01-04T14:06:23Z 2018-01-04T14:06:23Z Fw: Reminder - Women's History Month
A Message from Women's History Month

Women’s History Month in East London                  Co-ordinated by Alternative Arts.
Celebrating women artists, activists, writers and performers with a diverse programme of exhibitions and events across East London.
If you are planning a relevant exhibition/performance/event/workshop during March 2018 please let us know so that we may include your activities in the Women’s History Month programme which will be widely promoted. Participation is FREE.
Deadline for submission 8 January 2018. Earlier submission appreciated.
Please send the following details and an image to info@alternativearts.co.uk
·         Venue and address with full postcode
·         Nearest tube/stn
·         Website & phone number
·         Date(s) and time(s) of Event/Exhibition
·         Admission charges (if any)
·         Title of Event/Exhibition
·         Names of Artists/Performers/Writers involved (if any)
·         Brief description
·         Contact name and email (not for publication)
·         One image
In 2018 we shall be celebrating the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act which gave the vote to some women for the first time #Vote100 and the 1928 Equal Franchise Act which gave the vote to all women over the age of 21 #Vote90
In East London the East London Federation of Suffragettes led by Sylvia Pankhurst was based in Bow with branches all over the East End. They grounded their campaign in the everyday reality of working women’s lives and saw the vote as just one aspect of the struggle for equality. They fought for a living wage, decent housing, equal pay, food price controls, adequate pensions and numerous other causes. When the First World War broke out in August 1914 the ELFS led community action to support those most affected by unemployment and spiralling food prices. They organised a children’s health clinic, a nursery school, a co-operative toy factory, and a series of canteens serving nutritious food at ‘cost price’. This remarkable organisation existed for 10 years from 1914 to 1924.
Maggie Pinhorn
Director Alternative Arts
Amy Dyke-Coomes
Project Manager


Ten successful participants selected from six European countries to join the new international initiative empowering women to transform the music industry.

Keychange, a collaborative European programme led by PRS Foundation which aims to empower women to transform the music industry, is proud to announce 60 female artists and innovators for a groundbreaking programme spanning two years. Announced today at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival, the successful participants will take part in a series of showcases, discussions, collaborations and a programme of creative labs at seven international festivals. Backed by an innovation fund to help test new projects and ideas, Keychange will culminate with a final event in Brussels at the European Parliament in 2019, at which Keychange partners will present a manifesto for change.

Go to the weblink below for all the information about this exciting and focused programme aiming to change women's position and perceived value in the music industry with some absolutely brilliant cross national collaborations envisaged


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1181687 2017-08-08T12:56:40Z 2017-08-08T12:56:40Z Exclusive 15percent DISCOUNT on ISM membership for Women in Music members and supporters - HURRY

Not just one update today but two .....  This is a generous offer from ISM who so brilliantly support musicians and composers with practical, networking and one to one expertise and help - follow the link below for full details.

To benefit from this outstanding offer please email chair@womeninmusic.org.uk and I will send you the magic CODE! Obviously this is primarily for WiM members - however those of you  reading this blog - or on out twitter feed @WomeninMusicUK  are close in so ..... HURRY

"As a friend and partner of the ISM, we’d like to thank Women in Music for your support by offering your musicians an exclusive summer gift of 15% off ISM individual membership if they join as new members by 31 August.

With this offer your musicians would be eligible for full rate membership for £145.35 (usually £171) or graduate rate membership for just £63.75 (usually £75) for the first year - if they have graduated with their first music degree within the last ten years they can take advantage of our graduate discount. Students studying for their degree level qualification in music are eligible for student membership at just £15.

The benefits of membership include comprehensive insurances, expert legal advice and representation, award-winning professional development, free promotion and discounts on hundreds of products and services. You can find out more at ism.org. "

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1181685 2017-08-08T12:42:15Z 2017-08-08T12:42:15Z audient-gear-donation-helps-expand-women-s-audio-mission

This looks interesting and an excellent initiative which more companies could be inspired to follow and empower girls and young women in areas where there are not good resources, much less an awareness of specifically supporting girls.

Take a look http://www.audiomediainternational.com/recording/audient-gear-donation-helps-expand-women-s-audio-mission/06736

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1178594 2017-07-30T14:45:33Z 2017-07-30T14:45:33Z 2017 Inspire Young Composers’ Competition winners

Four of the five winners of the 2017 BBC Proms Inspire Competition for young composers are female.  A big congratulations to all the winners.  Women in Music is very pleased to see such a talented new generation of young women coming up.  It is very good, too, to see a gender balanced judging panel.  It really does make a difference. 

BBC Proms Inspire Day is the 14th August.  Watch or listen in if you can.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1175999 2017-07-22T12:14:56Z 2017-07-22T12:16:35Z Shirley Thompson joins DJ Ritu on Resonance FM

One of Women in Music founder members, award winning composer and much more Shirley J Thompson was DJ Ritu's guest in the Heritage series on Resonance FM recently so Women in Music decided to share the link      https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/heritage-at-a-world-in-london-18th-july-2017/

DJ Ritu presents a special show with Shirley J. Thompson - prodigious composer, conductor, artistic director, educator and cultural activist. Here 'Heroines of Opera' features at Tete A Tete on 27 July 2017, while 'All the World is Better Meets The Woman Who Refused to Dance' is part of the Venice Biennale - Diaspora Pavilion from 13 May to 26 November 2017; and she is a featured artiste at the Black Sound Exhibition, Black Cultural Archives, 7 April to 4 November 2017. Visit www.twitter.com/socltweet for more information

Resonance 104.4fm & DAB in London   www.resonancefm.com

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1174122 2017-07-16T19:25:58Z 2017-08-08T13:47:00Z Alison Blunt - Music for Dissenters

Alison Blunt is a composer, performer, writer, arranger, educator and long standing member and supporter of Women in Music.  News of her wonderful work can be found here:

MadMimi News from Alison Blunt


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1167478 2017-06-25T22:40:26Z 2017-06-25T22:44:52Z Remembering Kyla Greenbaum

Kyla Greenbaum was a founder member of WiM. She died on 15th June aged 95.

Wim member Jennifer Fowler says

Those of us from the early years will remember her well.

She used to host committee meetings sometimes, where we were all showered with generous quantities of food and drink. She was a formidable woman who was also kind and generous. I am very glad to have known her.

She was a very well-known pianist in her day - promoting difficult and virtuosic contemporary music during the war and after, often as a soloist at The Proms. Also, at the Myra Hess National Gallery concerts in the war. The obituary says her grand piano still had scratches where the ceiling collapsed on it as she was hiding underneath during a German bombing raid.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1162934 2017-06-11T22:51:42Z 2017-06-11T22:51:43Z Roxanna Panufnik's New Opera

Roxanna Panufnik's new people's opera, Silver Birch, with a libretto by Jessica Duchen, is to be premiered by Garsington Opera in July.  More information here.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1162923 2017-06-11T22:35:12Z 2017-06-11T22:35:12Z Candy Floss and Merry-Go-Rounds: Female Composers, Gendered Language, and Emotion by Sarah Kirkland Snider

Another powerful and important article from NewMusicBox


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1162922 2017-06-11T22:26:26Z 2017-08-26T14:03:04Z Women in Music BBC Proms Survey 2017

For some years Women in Music (UK) has been doing a survey of the numbers of women represented in the BBC PROMS season. The Proms is the largest classical music festival in the world.

You can read this year's survey results here.


NOTE: Anyone is welcome to quote these statistics, but please mention the source. The figures for past Proms seasons are also available on the Women in Music (UK) website: http://www.womeninmusic.org.uk/

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1150509 2017-04-30T19:18:56Z 2017-04-30T19:18:56Z PRS Foundation Secures Funds from Creative Europe to Promote Women in Music

A great intiative by PRS Foundation supported the European Union


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1150277 2017-04-29T10:00:05Z 2017-04-29T10:00:05Z Nicola LeFanu - Composer of the Week on BBC Radio 3

I can highly recommend listening to this week's programmes if you missed them.  LeFanu is a wonderful composer and there are some amazing performances of her work in these programmes.  I especially enjoyed her String Quartet No 2 in Episode 5.  She is also a great champion of the work of women composers one of the founders of Women in Music.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1150058 2017-04-28T12:02:17Z 2017-04-28T12:02:17Z Composing and Motherhood - an article by Emily Doolittle in NewMusicBox

This is a thoughtful and important article about the challenges and benefits of being a composer and a mother by Glasgow based composer Emily Doolittle.  Emily says 'It's relevant for everyone, not just composers and/or mothers, so please read it even if you are neither of those!'.


tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1149790 2017-04-27T11:51:50Z 2017-04-27T11:51:50Z Fabric launch Equalizing Music campaign to double female headliners by 2020 with a series of electronic music women's workshops

And this today as well!  Fabric recently won its case to reopen and they are fulfilling their promise to make a different to London (and the UK's night life with this excellent initiative for women in their 'Equalising Music' initiative.




With women accounting for only 17% of headliners in electronic music festivals last year, the industry is in danger of under-representing female talent.

On International Women's Day, the Smirnoff Sound Collective launched their "Equalizing Music" campaign with a pledge to double female headliners by 2020. We proudly support Smirnoff in this ambition and are working together to increase representation of women across all elements of nightlife culture.

Join us at fabric for a series of events in May aimed at helping break down barriers for women in electronic music through practical advice, mentoring and networking opportunities.

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1149780 2017-04-27T11:35:14Z 2017-04-30T19:15:12Z Naomi Pohl becomes the Musicians Union's first female Assistant General Secretary


Catching up after a while with some excellent news. Our congratulations as .... 
Naomi Pohl becomes the Musicians Union's first female Assistant General Secretary

Naomi Pohl has been appointed as MU Assistant General Secretary, Music Industry, and becomes the first female to join the Union’s team of senior officials in the Union’s history!

“There is also crucial work continuing in the field of music education, campaigning for equal provision across the UK and decent pay and conditions for instrumental teachers. Plus we continue to lobby for the Agent of Change principle to be introduced so that music venues aren't threatened by noise complaints from neighbouring properties that post-dated them. So plenty to be getting on with!

“I am especially pleased to be the first female AGS and I hope this is an indication of increasing diversity, not only within the MU, but across the music industry. It takes time, but it will happen.”

General Secretary Elect, Horace Trubridge, says: “This is a very welcome appointment. Naomi has worked for the MU in every area of the industry and is ideally suited for the role. I'm delighted that she will be joining the Secretariat at a time when the profession is facing so many challenges and I am confident that the new team is well placed to meet those challenges head on.”

tag:womeninmusicblog.org.uk,2013:Post/1137936 2017-03-12T14:45:20Z 2017-03-12T14:45:20Z City of London Sinfonia makes diversity pledge

Katy Wright reporting in Classical Music Magazine on the City of London Sinfonia's new commitment to diversity in its artistic leadership.