Performance of Rosemary Duxbury's 'without words without silence' piano solo piece in London & Coventry edited!

Performance of Rosemary Duxbury’s ‘without words, without silence’ for piano solo.

Julian Hellaby, piano recital
Thursday 8th November   NOTE CHANGED DATE
                                 1.15 pm St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA (opposite Euston Station) 
Saturday 10th November 1 pm at Holy Trinity Church, Coventry. 
Free admission.

'without words, without silence’ is an 8 minute piano solo composed by Rosemary Duxbury. The title is from a zen koan, chosen after the music was composed. 

Rosemary writes: “There are certain occasions when we may experience a communication happening on another level, where we can discover that which is beyond words, beyond even the silence, and we are touched by a deeper language - that of the heart - where we can find our own truth. The intention of this piano piece is to invite the listener to enter into a still place within, where one’s own unique understanding may be realised, in a place ‘without words, without silence’."

Concert pianist Julian Hellaby will also play Bach Preludes & Fugues in F major and B-flat minor (Book 1), Preludes and Fugues in C-sharp major and B minor (Book 2), Beethoven sonata in F op.10/2, and Liszt Polonaise no.2 in E.

“The music is both of its time and ahead of it: it is a bringing of spirit to matter in the medium of sound  
that touches the highest levels of lightness and grace.” 
Jay Ramsay. CADUCEUS Magazine 

"The music combined an ethereal quality with enormous breadth, so that the effect was of a potent lightness,
calling to my mind at least a sense of mystic journey and resolution."
Jane Pearson writing for 'Women in Music Now'