Odaline de la Martinez to be interviewed in The Outerglobe on Resonance FM today repeat Tuesday

Odaline de la Martinez - aka Chachi - leading conductor and composer will  be interviewed today, February 7th, in The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm /DAB London www.resonancefm.com between 6,30-7.30pm UK time (early in the programme actually)  . The show is presented and produced by Debbie Golt, Women in Music Chair. It's ostensibly to promote the London  Festival of American Music now in its 7th edition and also to celebrate Chachi's 70th ... a chat with Chachi is a must at any time and is especially relevant now.

The Outerglobe is repeated on Tuesday at 8am and will be archived in Mixcloud. 

This week is a crucial one for Resonance  FM as it is the annual mega fundraiser and the target is £100,000 to support a forced move as the site is being 'developed' soon. See fundraiser.resonance.fm for more details 

Here is more  info about the  festival again - see previous post!  Lontano’s Biennial Festival – created in 2006 – explores and celebrates the work of major American composers and reflects the variety of style that is so characteristic of contemporary American music today.

The festival programme was put together by Lontano’s Music Director Odaline de la Martinez, one of Britain’s most dynamic and gifted musicians and the first woman to conduct a complete BBC Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

This year’s festival celebrates American Diversity featuring not only American Women Composers, but also American Composers of Colour. http://www.lontano.co.uk/