Complete Sacred Choral Music of Alice Mary Smith - scholarly editions and recordings - wonderful new resource for choirs

Doctoral researcher Leonard Sanderman from York University has contacted us to spread the news of his recently completed project to make the Complete Sacred Choral Music of Alice Mary Smith freely available in a set of scholarly editions and in a recording by the Eoferwic Consort. This is a wonderful new resource for choirs.

'Alice Mary Smith (1839-1884) was a prolific composer who was well-respected by critics and colleagues alike. Her oeuvre comprises one of the largest collections of sacred music by any woman composer, and contains the first music by a woman composer to be sung in the liturgies of the Church of England.  

These scores and recordings are published as part of the project "The Complete Sacred Music of Alice Mary Smith" at the University of York which is funded by a Knowledge Exchange Project Award form the AHRC through the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities. The original manuscripts are held at the Royal Academy of Music.' (Leonard Sanderson)

You will find links to the open access scores and recordings here