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While I agree that there is an issue with the fact that we are often defined by our gender, in my research I need to make constant reference to the 'woman composer' in order to emphasise the point that we are here and we are overlooked and constantly disadvantaged by the fact of our gender. I think that the 'woman composer' needs celebrating. We need to shout it from the rooftops. Lucy
Women in Music UK is proud that member Fiona Sao Paing - electronic musician/multi media artist who lives in Aberdeen - was chosen to be part of the Brighter Sounds initiative with Beth Orton .From her facebook comments she really enjoyed the experience gaining and giving a lot. It was well covered in media including a Women's Hour interview with Beth Orton. I will seek out some links to post so that we can get the flavour of the pieces created and performed. The big question is so what? what next? ... I agree we need to celebrate 'women composers' and get their names and works more readily known so that it is not a big issue for diversifying concert programmes ..... too many are lazily all male. Debbie