All-women composers CD release on NMC label

Marsyas Trio have contacted WiM to let us know about an exciting CD release on a top British label, NMC Recordings. The disc features the work of five living British women composers, including Hilary Tann and Thea Musgrave, who live in the US, alongside Judith Weir and two young rising stars.

The disc also includes a bonus track of Amy Beach’s Pastorale and Caprice Op.90. The audio is paired with a short art film/music video highlighting Amy Beach’s life and accomplishments.

The film will have its first screening at the Bloomsbury Festival in London on October 17th. The Festival theme is ‘Activists and Architects of Change’, highlight the work of prominent female figures across music, literature and other visual and performing arts. The film will thereafter have an international presence via Youtube and other online media formats.

They are partnering with a few sponsors and charities, whose work and mission statements are aligned with their aims for this project. For donations of $75USD and above, they will display logos and mission statements on the opening and/or closing credits of the film.

If anyone is interested in having their logo included on this film, they should contact [email protected]