Exploring Music and Gender - notes from the meeting at Celtic Connections in Glasgow last week

Traditional musician and composer Rachel Newton convened a debate on gender inequality in festival programming at Celtic Connections.  A panel of women working in the music industry as artists, event organisers, promoters and agents discussed their own experiences and then discussion was opened to the floor.  The proceedings can be read here:


WhatifBeethovenwasaLesbian? Louise Gray on Pauline Oliveros

Further to the blog entry below with an obituary and appreciation of original thinker, feminist music innovator Pauline Oliveros, here is a link to an intriguing and moving piece by Louise Gray in contemporary and exploratory music  mag The Wire magazine exploring PO's stimulating lateral thinking.


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Ghost variations - Jessica Duchen's book is basis of concert tonight Nov 3d in Barnes and Book is available onwards of couse

A quick alert about the last of the current 'Ghost Variations' Concerts, TONIGHT Thursday 3 November, at the Barnes Music Society. 

All details and how to book: http://www.barnesmusicsociety.org.uk/

The narrated concert, based on classical music journalist and novelist Jessica Duchen's  novel 'Ghost Variations', tells the story of the great Hungarian violinist Jelly d'Arányi and her rediscovery of the long-suppressed Schumann Violin Concerto in the 1930s. 

All the music is selected with forensic care for its relevance to the story and its associations with d'Arányi herself: music by Bartók, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Ravel, Schumann and more. 

The Old Sorting Office, London SW13, is a lovely arts centre right next to Barnes Pond. The concerts so far, much to my delight, have been bringing down the houses, and it's an honour and a joy for me to work with the spectacular violin & piano duo of David Le Page and Viv McLean. This is the last chance to hear the concert in London for a while.

Jessica Duchen's book Ghost Variations is a classical music detective story in essence as JD explores for herself the story of the concerto and Clara Shumann's decisions about how to present her late husband's work as well as exploring Jelly d'Arányi's story as well. The book is in physical and kindle editions

The best background is in JD's blog of course!   http://tinyurl.com/gkog8zl